Making a Difference for Women, Men, and Communities

Hear 3 beautiful Queens share their experiences…  


“I have been blessed to be involved in the Queen Salons from inception. I LOVE being around PAX women and this is such a fun and easy way for us all to connect, have sisterhood, and learn new topics that can help us BE our Best Selves for our community. It has been marvelous to see them evolve, grow and expand into new cities. It has been my pleasure to help facilitate, teach, and participate.” ~ Tiffany

“Queen Salons are amazing! I have participated in them as well as co-facilitated. I learned so much about myself as a leader, host, and queen. I loved being of service to the Salon and being able to contribute to an incredible group of women. I found myself being more courageous and strong in who I am. I imagine that is how the other lovely women in the group must have felt. To have that extra support is powerful, peaceful, and loving. ~ Karen

“Taking the Queen workshop began a life change for me that continues through the frequent contact and support of my sister Queens at Queen Salons.  Our conversations continually exercise my Queen muscles so that I can show up as my Noble Qualities every day. It’s like going to the gym: you have to do lots of crunches to get rock-hard abs!” ~ Sylvia

“At the end of each Queen Salon I always come away with a sense of calm and the feeling that my world is expanded. The Salons have given me instant access to a community of women whose outlook on life, partnership and men are in line with my own. I love the creation of a safe place to practice being our best, authentic selves alongside other women dedicated to doing the same. I love the feeling that I’m part of a grassroots movement for peaceful coexistence.” ~ Helen

“The Queen Salon has provided a space for like-minded and like-hearted women to gather and discuss ideas and ways to be their best self in all contexts of her life through grace, responsible communication, and partnership. The Salon has become the nexus of our community. I have been honored to teach various topics to the group and, in doing so, grow significantly as a leader. The safe and respectful space has provided the perfect incubator for me to practice the authenticity, clear expression, and compassion that makes a leader.” ~ Sarah


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