Year 2 and Beyond

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Part of the 1st Class of facilitators. Beautiful!

Just like we do maintenance and upkeep of our personal tanks and partnerships to keep our Queens in good shape, so it is with Salon Facilitators: we need to keep our leadership tanks supported and filled to keep our Queenly Leadership in great shape!  Once you’ve been trained and have been leading your Salon for a year, you’ll find that it’s really important to continue with “ongoing maintenance” in your 2nd, 3rd, 4th years – however long you are leading a Salon.  It is also very important to maintain acocuntability for your Queen Salon so that they retain the quality and power for which they are known.  In recognition and support of this, we’ve developed the “Year 2 and Beyond” program.


What It Looks Like

  • 4.5 hours group topic, connection, and support calls (September, January, May)
  • 45 minutes personalized private coaching
  • 15-33 hours leadership in action
  • Continued access to the online resources and forums – Including a new interactive Topics List that you can edit and add to!
  • Continued assistance in growing your Salons

Plus we guarantee your experience!

“Cooperative Pricing”, meaning the final cost depends on how many Salons are participating.  We anticipate $180-$290 per group* per year, assuming 5-10 groups participate. The more Salons that participate and support each other, the lower the cost.

*”Per group” means the cost is per Salon group not per individual.  For example, if you are collaborating with co-facilitators for your Salon, then you and your team members split the cost.  Have more questions? Please contact us.


Program Details…

Three 90-minute Group Topic Support Calls with Kathryn and Fiona

These are held in September, January, and May, and are essentially “Salons for Facilitators”.  Each call has at least one topic, led by Fiona and Kathryn, that provides further guidance and training on aspects of leading a Salon or developing yourself as a feminine leader.  These focus on logistical issues, group dynamics, and leadership challenges.  There is also time on the calls for you and all the facilitators to connect and support each other by sharing your experiences, insights, questions, and ideas for leading Salons.  Through this cooperative learning with your sister facilitators, you will deepen your understanding of the topics and be supported in excellence as a leader and facilitator.

These calls are recorded so you can listen again with a download.

One 45-minute Private Coaching Session with Fiona

Part way through the year, you will receive a personalized “check in” coaching call. This is to assess how things are running with your group, address any concerns you may have, and provide additional guidance moving forward.  Through this individualized support, you will continue to hone your skills in facilitation techniques and tools, and set your vision for Salon and yourself as a feminine leader.  The timing of the coaching is flexible and designed to meet your own unique needs and desires.

This coaching will be recorded so you can listen again with a download.

Ten to Twenty-two 90-minute “Leadership in Action” Sessions – aka Your Salons!

These are the groups that you create and lead bi-weekly or monthly.  Practice, explore, discover, awaken, transform!  You will access this process each meeting, both within yourself and for your group. Salon meetings will allow you to learn from being and doing, and will be your ultimate source for understanding, deepening, and fulfilling your own unique gifts and potential as a queen, guide, facilitator, communicator, partner, and leader.

The number of hours depends on how often you choose to hold Salon meetings.

Continued Access to Two Private Online Forums and Resources

Our Salon website has two sections for you to play in.  In the public section, you can list your contact information so ladies who want to join your group can reach you, and you can calendar your upcoming Salon meeting dates and details.  In the private section, there are resources to support and help with your Salon such as the Salon manual, an extensive list of Salon topics (with descriptions that you can add to) that you can choose to lead, and a database to help you track attendance and other information about your meetings.

We also have the “Virtual Salon for Salon Leaders”: a private Facebook gathering place where you can connect, commune, and play with your sister facilitators.  This is a place to ask questions of each other and of Fiona and Kathryn, share insights on what you are experiencing and learning both inside and outside your Salons, and offer queenly support.

With these two online forums you will increase your partnership, flow, and ease as a leader of queens.

Continued Ongoing Support to Grow Your Salons

Word-of-mouth and workshops are your best sources for new participants in your group.  Word-of mouth will be provided by your attendees, and will be a testament to the value and power of your group in their lives.  Workshops are the perfect place to invite new participants, and Kathryn and Fiona will provide the linkage: names and contact information will be gathered for you at workshops so you can welcome new ladies into your local Salon community.  This support will help you maintain a thriving Salon group by putting you in touch with women who would love to receive and contribute to what you are offering.

Fun and Empowering Partnership with Kathryn and Fiona

Kathryn (Noble qualities:  Serenity, Grace, Beauty, Love, Wisdom and Fun)
Kathryn brings and shares her deep knowledge of the Queen Course and how to overcome the challenges women face in implementing the practices into their lives. She is an expert at generating queenly partnerships and and tapping into intuitive wisdom to inspire people to work, be their best self and manifest their visions.

Fiona (Noble Qualities: Breath, Serenity, Groundedness, Contentment, and Joy)
Fiona brings the experience of managing a Salon.  She is a generous and compassionate sounding board, and creates a safe space for learning.  She accesses a deep source of wisdom and insight when teaching and empowering others to be their best self.


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